Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Project Management and Business Analysis lines

 DCarsonCPA on Project Management and Business Analysis lines / IT aligned skills on workflows for Services, Research and Outreach

DCarsonCPA on Project Management and Business Analysis Lines

DCarsonCPA Entity and Sector Lines

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines / Communications

DCarsonCPA Core Financials

DCarsonCPA PM / BA Lines

DCarsonCPA on IT and Data Integrity Lines

DCarsonCPA Open Group On Risk Management & Cyber Security

DCarsonCPA on Compliance

DCarsonCPA on Legal Support Lines (LSS)

DCarsonCPA Global

The above lines are but a few start points where the IT aligned skills on Project Management and Business Analysis and our core roots to a Family of Engineers, Mathematicians, Pragmatists, Patriots, Humanists, Artists, and Scientists can help on seeing the value lines where the skills to understand root lines on Programming and Data Architecture in Relational Data Bases meets the Economy and Financials. At the key points where Economics, Financials, Legal and IT meet in the Economy and Financials you find DCarsonCPA at work on Services, Research and Outreach to help on the Key needs in the Economy for Entities and cross sector Lines on Teamwork on Financials, Compliance, Data, Social and Economic Research , Communications and more by LOBs on Services.

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